I love traveling.

It’s airplanes, actually, that I love. That feeling during landing, when your stomach drops right before you hit the ground. The views as you look out the window and see somewhere that you’ve grown up from a completely new perspective. And all of the individual little quirks that make each airport different. We’re in Boston right now, and all of the little bags of Boston Baked Beans sitting on the shelves of the Hudson News store are so cute. Those, along with the replicas of the USS Constitution and the Harvard sweatshirts.

Oh yeah, Hudson news also sells snacks.

But when you’ve got more food allergies than fingers on one hand, all of those snacks don’t do you much good. There’s always soy or dairy or wheat or egg in something.

So you’ve got to be prepared.

Even if it takes up extra room that you think you don’t have, snacks whilst traveling are a must. If your flight gets delayed, and the only food nearby is a Dunkin Donuts, you’ll be really glad that you tossed that extra pair of shoes out of your suitcase to make space for snacks.

I have a few favorites.

In general while traveling, I try to take as much protein as possible. Taking a little container of protein powder with you can be a lifesaver, in case you’re in a bind. Rice protein powder is great, as is whey if you can handle dairy. I go with soy, because of my rice allergy, but if you’re going to pick soy, make sure that’s it’s non-GMO, and preferably organic. Hemp is also a good choice, and pretty allergy-free, but personally it’s not my favorite.

And by that, I mean it’s pretty awful.

But whatever your protein powder choice, you can mix it with water or a fruit smoothie, which are pretty ubiquitous in airports, gas stations, and random coffee shops.

Solid food is nice to have, too.

Find a power bar that you like and can eat. Buy in bulk. Bring six with you when you travel, because you never know when they might come in handy. Lara Bars are great and come in tons of flavors. Cherry pie is my favorite!

Nuts are also great for on the go. Almonds are easy to come by (and are becoming more and more available as purchases in convenience stores), and pistachios are fabulous as well. Pistachios also keep your hands busy if you’re stuck waiting for a while.

Nuts are salty. How about something sweet?

Dried, unsweetened fruit is a great option; it travels well, can get squashed, and is super flavorful. The co-op I frequent sells a great unsweetened mango that has as much flavor as fresh fruit, and is super delicious. Dried tart cherries are also wonderful to have around.

I always travel with chocolate.

You never know when you’re going to need a little pick-me-up.


In Boston, it’s breezy and 41 degrees. If you’re traveling anywhere, I hope it’s somewhere warm!


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