high altitude

I learned a very important lesson today: high altitude is not conducive to high quality baking.

I guess that’s kind of a ‘no, duh”.

But this whole high altitude thing is an entirely new can of worms. Baking cookies seemed like an innocuous little project, but turned into a four hour ordeal that involved three renditions of chocolate chip cookies without any fabulous result.

There are a lot of pretty yummy baked things sitting in my room at the moment, but whether or not they qualify as cookies is questionable. Whether it’s the altitude, the heat, or the dry air, every single batch of cookies ended up soft and squishy; no crispy edges to be found anywhere.

The batches did differ in other ways though.

Batch number one was flat and golden through and through. I initially thought that they were the worst of all the batches, but upon taste-testing a couple of hours later, found that they were they had the truest cookie texture.

Batch number two involved a little extra liquid and was super fluffy but very soft and brittle; they fell apart upon being touched. That batch was followed by the batch that can only be described as, well, green. Sunflower seed butter does turn green when baked, but I have never seen it turn bona fide St. Patrick’s Day green.

At least I have a killer recipe for next year’s St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s a lovely, cool evening here on Lake Tahoe, and cookies on the beach is the perfect end to the day.

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend.beach


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