citrus and summer

It’s hot.

Allow me rephrase: it’s hotter than many of us find comfortable. I think growing up in Seattle and then moving to Vermont has artificially lowered my ability to deal with heat. The 76 degree weather seems excessive. Why can’t summers be a comfortable 60 degrees and winters a joyous 15 degrees? Northern Canada is looking awfully promising as a future permanent residence.

It’s hard to drink tea when it’s warm out.

Since hot tea is less than appealing in 76 degree weather, I’ve ventured into creating other tasty drinks. Today, after watching my dad perfect the maragarita, using lime seemed like a good direction to go in. Can’t go wrong with citrus in the summer.


Cherry Lime Basil Soda

1 oz 100% tart cherry juice concentrate

Zest of ½ lime

Juice of 1 lime

3 leaves of basil, torn

Muddle the above ingredients together in a tall glass and add 8 to 10 oz of soda water. Stir it a bit and strain it if you’d like, but the occasional piece of lime zest or basil isn’t


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