let the foraging begin

Foraging for fodder.

I love reading blogs. The wide array of personalities, intentions, pictures, methods and stories are incredible. And not surprisingly, a large amount of what I read tends to be paleo, allergy-friendly, special diet, detox, etc type food blogs (as well as Sally’s Baking Addiction on a weak day). And they are all wonderful sources of information, but they all have something in common.

Almost every blog that I’ve come across is written by a woman who is single or is a stay-at-home mom and has come to their paleo/food allergy friendly form of cooking due to illness or something that started as a desire to lose weight. They all have husbands or boyfriends and kids and houses with real kitchens and permanent street addresses. They have kitchens in which they know what to expect and communities in which they know what ingredients they can get and what they can’t. They all also seem to have a permanent address, which makes ordering otherwise hard to find ingredients way easier.

As awesome as they all are, and as much as I really, really, really want to spend like four days sitting in the kitchen with them chatting and watching, it’s kind of hard to relate sometimes. It’s also frustrating to see all those wonderful recipes with that require really specific, irreplaceable pieces of equipment.  Not only are they expensive, but it’s kind of hard to transport your VitaMix and food processor with you everywhere. In the 14 months, I’ve lived in more than 5 places, none of which are within driving distance of one another. And clothing takes priority over cooking implements when parceling out space in suitcases.

This means that I’m constantly foraging for recipes that can be adapted to the equipment at hand, whether it be at my (beautiful, lovely) home kitchen, the floor of my dorm room (yes, really), a kitchen at school with about 4 pieces of usable equipment, or across the Atlantic.

Foraging is also essential when traveling, because if you don’t forage, you never know when you’ll run into something new and exciting that might not exist at home (soy-free, high iron, uber dark chocolate in kilo-sized bars on the side of the road in Canada, the best dried apricots ever at the co-op in France, jars of duck fat, etc).

If you don’t forage a bit, you’ll end up eating the same old chicken breast on lettuce. I don’t know about you, but chicken breast is starting to lose its appeal. Something more exciting seems in order.

Off to forage for some beef heart!


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