sorting skittles

The Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch loves Skittles. And since we love the Seahawks, we love Marshawn Lynch. Not only is he great at what he does, but he’s got a wonderful personality, too.

So seattlietes have been buying up Skittles to serve at Superbowl parties today. Which explains why every grocery store I visited yesterday seemed to be completely sold out of Skittles.

We’re taking some (along with chocolate covered strawberries, of course!) to an annual Superbowl party that we’ve gone to for as long as I can remember. But in honor of the Seahawks, I decided that we should only take Seahawks colored Skittles.

Sadly they don’t sell only blue and green Skittles.

Which meant that the better part of yesterday afternoon was spent sorting 36 little bags of Tropical Skittles into 5 bowls. Fun fact: there aren’t any blue ones in the normal red Skittle bag. There are only blue ones in the Tropical Skittle mix. Which makes it surprising that all the normal red bagged Skittles were sold out…come on people! If you’re going to have Skittles for the Seahawks, at least take the time to get the colors right! But we are also taking a bowl of orange and yellow Skittles for any Denver fans that might be about.

ImageIt seemed kind of wasteful to just throw them out anyways.

So there you go, Denver fans. And good luck. Because with a bit of luck, the Seahawks will be taking home that trophy today.

Also, some food advice for any food allergy ridden Superbowl party goers: chili. Everyone loves chili and it’s conveniently devoid of most common allergens!

Points for anyone that makes some ‘Seahawk’ chili with some PNW salmon. Maybe that will be a project for next year.

Happy Superbowl Sunday and GO HAWKS!



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