About Me


I’m an athlete, artist and food lover.

I could live off of kombucha, ginger and chocolate. Although that’s probably not the best idea.

Anything can end up in my kitchen, from broccoli and brussel sprouts to rabbit and wild boar.

Although I love to both cook and eat, things can get complicated sometimes. Between grain, dairy, egg, coconut, orange, and other allergies, using conventional ingredients isn’t an option. I try to avoid refined sugar as much as possible, in addition to all those other dietary restrictions. The type of food that emerges from my kitchen could be categorized as paleo-gluten-free-vegan with meat. You really can’t go wrong with a nice piece of sustainably raised meat as your centerpiece.

Food has been a struggle over the past couple of years, but I’m learning to work with it and hoping to inspire others with dietary restictions to get in the kitchen and feel free to explore and cook. Learning to cook outside the box, as it were.

Dietary restrictions do not equate to deliciousness restrictions.

Get out there and cook!

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